GoElectric Overnight

Our new fixed tariff offers super cheap off-peak rates of just 8p per kwh to power your electric car and home appliances for less.

Introducing GoElectric Overnight

5 hours of off-peak electricity at just 8p per kwh every night

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Do your 20 mile commute for as little as 46p!(1)

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Fixed prices for one year for total peace of mind.

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100% zero carbon electricity!(2)


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Our GoElectric Overnight tariff

  • Designed exclusively for EV drivers
  • 35 total off-peak hours every week at just 8p per kWh
  • Enjoy 5 hours of off-peak electricity every night between 12am-5am during winter (GMT)(3)and 1am-6am during Summer (BST)(3)
  • Fixed pricing for a year - your price will be fixed until September 2024
  • 100% zero carbon electricity(2)
  • Works with all charge points and electric vehicles and available to all new and existing customers
  • To be eligible, your smart meter must be fully compatible with our systems (4) 


Exit fees apply: £75 per fuel


How to get GoElectric Overnight

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Sign up

New to EDF? Join our GoElectric Single Rate fixed tariff whilst we take over your supply and connect with your smart meter (4) if you already have one.

Already an EDF customer with a connected smart meter? Great news, you can get GoElectric Overnight and access off-peak rates straight away!

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Get smart

Don’t currently have a smart meter? You‘ll need to book an appointment(4) through MyAccount when your account is active to gain access to this tariff.

Smart meters tell us how much electricity you’re using during peak, and off-peak hours, which is how we’ll work out your bill.

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Access off-peak prices

Once your supplied by EDF and your smart meter is connected (5) you’re ready to upgrade to GoElectric Overnight.

Making the most out of off-peak electricity

You can make the most out off off-peak hours by:

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Charging your EV during off-peak hours

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Use your timer functionality on high-energy appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, so they run at night

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Charging gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets at night

Your GoElectric EV tariff questions answered

Is the GoElectric Overnight tariff only available to EV drivers?

Yes. This tariff is exclusively available to drivers of an electric vehicle, which they charge at home. 

Will I save money by switching to GoElectric Overnight vs standard variable single-rate?

This depends on how much energy you use within the off-peak hours of your chosen tariff.

We recommend that you should be using at least 25% of your energy within the off-peak hours for GoElectric Overnight to make it a good option for you. Our EV customers use an average of 51% during off-peak hours on this tariff.

Do I need to have both fuels with you to access GoElectric Overnight?

No, GoElectric Overnight is available as dual fuel but you can choose to just have your electricity on it if you wish, you’d just need an active EDF electricity account with a fully connected(4) smart meter. 

If I don’t have a smart meter can I get access to GoElectric Overnight?

You must have a fully connected smart meter(4) to benefit from the off-peak rates of this tariff. Having a smart meter tells us how much electricity you’re using during peak and off-peak hours, which is then used to work out your bill.

How can I tell which meter I have?

Don't worry, we'll check which meter you have when you get a quote and we'll let you know the next steps to your sign up journey. 

What happens if I don't have a compatible smart meter?

If you don't have a compatible smart meter that we can connect to, unfortunately you won’t be able to access our GoElectric Overnight. Smart meters tell us how much electricity you’re using during peak and off-peak hours, which is how we’ll work out your bill.

How long will it take for me to get a smart meter installed?

It takes 2 to 4 weeks to get a smart meter once you've joined EDF. Occasionally this may take a little longer, depending on where you live.

If you're an existing EDF customer you can book a smart meter appointment through MyAccount

How do I sign up to GoElectric Overnight if I’m not already an EDF customer?

You’ll need to join EDF on our GoElectric Single Rate tariff whilst we take over your supply and connect(5) with your smart meter, if you already have one.

No Smart meter? No problem! Once your electricity supply is with us, you’ll be able to book an appointment through MyAccount. Once your smart meter is installed and connected (4) you’ll be ready to access GoElectric Overnight. 

I can’t find an FAQ that answers my question about GoElectric Overnight. How do I speak to the right person?

Our Low Carbon Solutions team are here to help. You can either get in touch through this form, or by phone 0333 009 7117  Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm.

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