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Fixed energy tariff vs variable tariffs comparison

With a fixed tariff, you pay a set unit price over the lifetime of your gas and electric contract. So, your unit price doesn't change when energy prices go up, making it cheaper than our standard prices when this happens. It helps you budget better and gives you peace of mind.

This is possible because we buy your energy in advance, meaning it isn't affected by fluctuations in electricity and gas wholesale prices.

A variable tariff means the unit cost can go up or down at any time, provided they remain no higher than Ofgem's price cap. This means your prices are not protected against what's happening in the wholesale energy market, which means you can't budget as well as you can when your prices don't change.

Fixed rate tariffVariable rate tariff
Pay the same price for your gas and electricity units for as long as your tariff terms are fixed for.Your energy costs can increase or decrease depending on the latest energy prices and Ofgem's price cap. The price cap is reviewed every three months.

Your contract lasts for as long as the terms you agreed to.

Your contract rolls over year after year. If you are on a fixed tariff and don't choose a new deal, you default to a variable gas and electricity rate tariff.

Early exit fees usually apply on fixed tariffs, so it's always worth checking what these are before changing energy suppliers or choosing a cheaper deal. 

No exit fee, so you can change energy suppliers or choose the cheapest energy deal whenever you want.


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If you're on a fixed tariff and it is due to end, we'll contact you and help you choose your next energy deal, so you'll have all the info you need to make a gas and electric comparison. To see the latest deals, simply check out what's available in MyAccount.

Watch video: At EDF, we're building our own Wind, Nuclear and Solar energy supply

What's EDF doing to help the UK's energy crisis?

Rising wholesale gas costs worldwide have seen energy prices skyrocket and the cheapest energy deals pulled, especially in Britain, where we import most of our gas.

At EDF, we're busy helping build Britain's wind, nuclear and solar energy supply - to reduce our reliance on energy imports and help prevent future gas price rises. 

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Quick guides to changing your electricity and gas tariffs

Switching energy suppliers

Not sure how to switch? Our quick four-step change supplier page explains what to do. And if you have more questions, reading our comprehensive guide on energy switching

Eight tips for choosing best energy tariff

Do you know your dual fuel from single fuel? Or you fixed rate from variable? Read through some of the commonly used energy phrases to help you choose a tariff that's best for you.

Electricity and meter questions answered

Don't know how to find your electricity number? Read our guide to find an answer to this and lots of other meter related questions. 

Visit our Energywise blog area for more news, guides and advice. 

Help and advice

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about changing your energy tariff. There are more answers for you to view in our Help Centre. You can also type in your question in the search box below.  

How do I switch my energy supplier?

It's pretty simple to switch your energy suppliers. Here are four easy steps:

  • Get a quick energy quote, choose your tariff and buy online.
  • We'll talk to your current supplier so you don't have to.
  • We'll contact you when we're ready for your meter reading(s).
  • We'll let you know when your switch is complete.

How long will it take to switch my energy to EDF?

How long the process takes depends on whether you chose to switch to us after or within your 14-day cooling off period.

If you chose to switch after your cooling off period, the switching process should take place within five working days after your cooling off period ends. If you chose to switch within your cooling off period, your switch should be completed within five working days (before your cooling off period ends).

In both instances, it can take longer if any issues arise along the way. For example, if your current supplier objects to the switch. We'll keep you up to date throughout, so you always know what's going on.

You can also track how your switch is going in MyAccount.

How do I get EDF supply energy in my new home?

If you're an existing customer, you can move your energy supply by logging into MyAccount. If you're new to us, please call us on 0333 200 5100(2) and we'll find the best tariff for your new home. For first time buyers we've prepared this handy guide