Electric vehicle charging for business

Offering you a range of scalable charge point solutions to suit your business needs

Charging solutions for your business needs

Our business charging solutions start at commercial, workplace and fleet charging but extend to shared residential and built-environment charging. If you're a smaller business working out of your home we can help you with a home charger and EV tariff deal to fit you.

Work place icon

Workplace charging


  • Complete end-to-end EV charging solutions for your employee car parks 
  • Choose from single or twin-socket fast charge point options – wall-mounted or free standing
  • Connected to simple, user-friendly software that allows you to set employee tariffs, track usability as well as CO2 savings 
  • Maximise charge point numbers on your existing supply with a simple and easy load-balancing system
  • A simple scale-up system allows you to add more charge points as the volume of EV-driving employees grows
EV fleet icon

Fleet charging


  • A range of fast and rapid charging hardware options
  • Combined work and home charging solutions available via a single integrated system
  • Software that itemises all fleet charging activity (inc any connected work charging at home)
  • Gain total visibility and control of your charging infrastructure  
  • 24/7 phone support for users of your charge points
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Commercial charging


  • Expert support to help you increase foot-fall and revenue through EV charging opportunities
  • Fast and rapid public charge point solutions used by some of the UK’s biggest brands
  • Reliable and easy to use so your customers receive the best charging experience
  • EV infrastructure design services for new build and site expansion programmes


Welcoming Pod Point in to the EDF family

Pod Point joined us in 2020. As one of the UK's largest providers of electric vehicle charging, Pod Point offer chargers for business and home, and access to more than 3,000 charging bays across the UK.

Pod Point believe that travel shouldn’t damage the earth and their mission is to put an electric vehicle charge point everywhere you park

Solo 3 socketed charger with green light

Pod Point Solo 3

Wall mounted or mounted free-standing

Pod Point Twin charger

Pod Point Twin

Ideal for floor standing installations

Specifications, and features for both chargers

  • ​​​​Power rating: 3.6kW, 7kW (single phase) or 22kW (three phase) models available
  • Connectivity: app enabled for easy vehicle charging
  • Get over the air software updates via Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with Pod Point’s load balancing system to reduce the total power required.
  • Warranty: three years with remote and onsite maintenance
  • Pod Point's Smart Reporting platform monitors and manages every charge 24/7.
  • 6mA DC leakage detection that ensures compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.
  • Set custom pricing tariffs and control access by driver or driver groups

Ready to find the right charging solution for your business?

Get up to £350 grant for every charge point you install at work

Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) logo

The UK Government’s Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) enables any business, charity or public authority to claim a grant of up to £350 per charging socket towards the cost of installing EV charging points, providing they have dedicated off-street parking for staff – up to a maximum of 40 sockets in total over multiple sites.

A key consideration is the WCS grant can only be used on the first round of installations, so charging points your business adds afterwards will not qualify for the grant.

Learn more about government grants

Get the right electric vehicles for your business

tesla model 3 in red 3/4 angle
nissan env 200 van 3/4 angle

We’ve partnered with DriveElectric to offer your business some really great deals on electric cars and vans.

Why EDF?

Four key reasons why you should choose to work with EDF to help you deliver your EV charging solution


We installed the first EV charging points into London in 1999 and powered the EV charging network for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.


We're trusted by a wide range of businesses to help them realize their electric future


We have a wealth of related expertise to support you in your electric vehicle journey


We're working with partners such as Pod Point (part of the EDF group), Nissan and DriveElectric to accelerate EV uptake and infrastructure in the UK

See how others are making the move to electricity

Pelican leads the change to electrify buses

Discover how centenary business Pelican Bus and Coach is proving the efficiency of going electric and embracing the change towards zero emission vehicles by working in partnership with Newport Transport, to provide quality service for it's estimated 8 million passengers annually.

There are some very credible, tangible, operational cost benefits but the real benefit is what you’re saying about your business and your respect for the environment.

Richard Crump, Managing Director of Pelican Bus and Coach

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Grants, subsidies and schemes for electric cars

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