Why submit a meter reading?

To put it simply – you’ll only pay for what you’ve used. By regularly submitting meter reads, your bills will be based on your actual usage, rather than estimates. 

When and why to submit your meter reading(s):

  • We'll send you a reminder when it’s time to read your meter. You can choose to get this by email if that’s easier for you via MyAccount
  • The frequency for when we ask you for a read will depend on your payment method and when we need to bill you but you can leave a read anytime and we’ll use it to help calculate your next bill.
  • Login or download the MyAccount app from your smartphone and send us a picture of your meter reading. We'll then read the meter from the photo you’ve taken.
  • If you don’t leave a meter read we’ll estimate how much you’ve used based on your previous billing history but we'd prefer you to give us a read so we can bill you accurately.

How to read your meter

It’s important to always provide business meter readings accurately to ensure we can bill your business correctly. To help make it straightforward and easy, we’ve created a useful guide on how to read your business meters.

Login to MyAccount

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  • Pay balances (securely)
  • Submit meter reads
  • Change/Renew Tariff(s)
  • Add another fuel
  • Monitor your consumption
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Need to speak to us?

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How to pay your business energy bill

You can pay your small business energy bill in a number of ways with us. Find the one that suits you best.

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Mobile App

It couldn't be easier to manage your business energy on the go! - Download our free MyAccount app and stay in control.

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What makes up your business energy bill?

Ever wondered how we set the rates that you pay? Find out what costs go into supplying your business energy.