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Why promote EDF?

Whether you're a small-time blogger or a big-league publisher, our affiliate network can help you monetise your traffic at the click of a button. Sign up to the EDF Affiliate Programme today and start promoting with confidence.

Promote with confidence

Recommend EDF, and you can feel assured that you're backing a best-in-class business

  • Our customer service is rated 'Great' on Trustpilot
  • All our fixed home energy customers get zero carbon electricity as standard, so your customers can feel good about their energy

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When you help us make a sale, we share the reward

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How do I join?

Our network is managed by Awin. Follow the steps below to join their platform and start promoting EDF products.

  1. Use the button above to view our profile on Awin and review our terms and conditions
  2. The links on the page will help you sign up to Awin's platform and join our programme
  3. We'll review your application in the background
  4. Once we've finished our checks, you can start promoting our tariffs and earn commission