Gas and electricity emergency numbers

Report a gas leak if you smell gas or have any concerns about carbon monoxide

First immediately open all windows and doors and extinguish any naked flames including cigarettes, then call the Gas Emergency Services free on 0800 111 999(1). This is a national number and is available to all areas. 


24-hour gas emergency services 0800 111 999(1)

For all other disconnection issues go to the help centre to find out how to solve the problem

Report a power cut or damage to electricity power lines and substations

For customers in Great Britain, call 105 from your mobile or landline if there's an electrical emergency, and the telephone service will automatically direct you to the network distributor's emergency number for your area. Calls to this service are free of charge.

If you're in Northern Ireland, call NIE Networks 03457 643643 if there's an electrical emergency.

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How to keep safe during a power cut

  • Contact your network operator to report the power cut. Your network operator is different from your energy supplier. Find you, network operator, by entering your postcode.

  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged just in case you need to make an emergency call.

  • Switch off all electrical appliances, so if power comes back on and you're out, everything is safe.

  • Look out for your neighbours. They may not be as prepared as you.

  • Make sure you have torches and extra batteries.

  • Leave a light on so you know when the power is back on.

  • Wrap up. If it's cold, wrap up warm and close internal doors to keep the heat in.


Read our guide to power cuts

List of electricity network distributors and their contact details

If you'd like to work out who your electricity distributor is, you’ll need the relevant two digits from your supply number, which is shown on your electricity bill. The two digits you need can be found in the bottom-left of the ‘S grid’. The image below shows an example of this. Then, use the table below to look up the two digit number and the corresponding distributor. 

Example of an 'S grid'

Electricity supply number


General enquiries


UK Power Networks 

0845 601 4516


Western Power Distribution

0845 724 0240


UK Power Networks

0845 601 4516


SP Energy Networks

0330 101 0444


Western Power Distribution

0845 724 0240


Northern Powergrid

0845 070 7172


Electricity North West

0800 048 1820


Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution

0800 048 3515


SP Energy Networks

0330 101 0444


UK Power Networks

0845 601 4516


Southern Electric Power Distribution

0800 048 3516


Western Power Distribution

0845 601 3341


Western Power Distribution

0845 601 3341


Northern Powergrid

0845 602 4454


Independent Power Networks Ltd

0845 055 6199


ESP Electricity Limited

01372 227560


Energetics Electricity Ltd

01698 404640


The Electricity Network Company Ltd

01359 243292


UK Power Networks (IDNO)

0845 601 4516

Report Energy Theft

Energy Theft can have fatal consequences. Don’t put lives at risk. Speak up. Stay Safe

Energy theft is when somebody tampers with a gas or electricity meter or it’s connections so that it does not properly record the energy used. This is illegal and can be very dangerous.

A tampered electricity meter can cause short circuiting, fires and potentially fatal electric shocks, while a tampered gas meter can result in leaks and gas explosions. This could present a risk to you and those around you. 

    If you suspect somebody is stealing electricity or gas please report it as soon as possible

    Contact Crimestoppers anonymously by:


    We've signed up for a cross-industry Theft Charter. This is our commitment to tackling energy theft investigations in a consistent way. 

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