Board of Directors
and Executive Team

EDF Governance

Meet our Executive Team and Board of Directors

Simone Rossi, CEO EDF

Simone Rossi is the Chief Executive Officer of EDF Energy and a member of the Executive Committee of EDF Group. 

Appointed as CEO in November 2017, Rossi joined EDF in 2004 and had been head of EDF Group's international division since 2015. Prior to that he held a number of roles across the Group including as a former chief financial officer to EDF in the UK; the role of Chief Financial Officer at Constellation Energy Nuclear Group in Baltimore (USA), and five years as Head of Strategy at Edison SpA in Milan (Italy), where he subsequently covered the responsibility of Director of Planning, Control and IT.

Rossi’s early career saw him hold various positions in the financial and management consultancy industries within the Treasury Department of De Agostini in Novara (Italy), KPMG Corporate Finance and McKinsey&Co., Milan (Italy), where he served various Financial Institutions, Industrial and Energy clients. Simone Rossi has a Degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University, Milan, and a Degree in Clarinet from Istituto Puccini, Gallarate (Italy).


EDF Board of directors

The overriding objective of the Board is to provide a management framework in which EDF operates to the highest ethical and health and safety standards and its investments are preserved and enhanced through establishing a culture of zero harm and zero tolerance to bribery and fraud.

The purpose of the Board is to provide proper stewardship of EDF, providing vision and leadership to supervise the management of EDF's business, to grow value responsibly in a sustainable manner, ensuring that EDF's fiscal and statutory obligations are met and that shareholder value is preserved and enhanced.

Our current board members:

Non-executive Directors

  • Christophe Carval
  • Etienne Dutheil
  • Xavier Girre
  • Sylvie Jehanno
  • Veronique Lacour
  • Luc Remont 
  • Pierre Todorov
  • Xavier Ursat


Executive Directors

  • Chief Executive Officer: Simone Rossi (Chairman)
  • Chief Financial Officer: Rob Guyler

The EDF Executive Team

The Executive Team, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer operating under the authority of the Board, direct and manage all matters connected with the day to day running of EDF other than those which have been reserved by the Board for decision and/or approval.

The Executive Team consists of:

Simone Rossi (Chair)
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Hartley
Managing Director – Generation

Stuart Crooks
Hinkley Point C Managing Director

Philippe Commaret
Managing Director – Customers

Rob Guyler
Chief Financial Officer

Carol McArthur
Chief People Officer

Paul Spence
Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs

Joe Souto
Chief Legal Officer