Moving Business Premises? Or adding a new location?

Moving is hard enough let us help you by sorting out your energy. Just give us a few details and we'll take care of it!

Want your small business energy supplier to be EDF? Here's what to do when you move premises

1. Moving into a business premises already supplied by EDF? 

Welcome to EDF - it's great to have you. To start the change over to your EDF business account, we need you to call our business moving team to set you up.
Before making that call make sure you have to hand;

  • a valid lease or tenancy agreement

  • management agreement or solicitors letter

  • or the completion statement if you've bought the premises

Please also have to hand before you call us;

We may ask you to provide additional supporting documentation like;

  • a photo of the meter at your premises

  • your public or employer liability insurance

  • or a business rates letter

  • a valid Land Registration document

  • tenancy agreement

  • management agreement and/or solicitors letter

At the earliest opportunity please contact us on 0333 009 7115(1) and we'll be able to assist you with your business move-in.

2. EDF doesn’t supply my new premises but I want to switch to you

If you're moving into new premises that aren’t supplied by EDF, you can get a new quote from us in 60 seconds. Our cheapest prices are available online. As one of the largest suppliers of energy to UK businesses, we're confident we have something to suit your business needs.

All we need to know is your postcode + energy consumption.

If you're moving in or moving out

Call us on: 0333 009 7115(1) 
Need more help? Check out our business move FAQs


Moving out of an EDF supplied business premises?

Take note of your final meter reading once you've moved out, or when your lease agreement ends. This should be taken on the date you're no longer responsible for the premises.

You may be asked to verify the change of responsibility with documentation such as a valid lease or tenancy agreement/surrender of lease document, management agreement or solicitors letter, or your completion statement if you've sold the property. Please have these available when you contact us.

You may also be asked to provide additional supporting documentation, such as a photo of the meter, public or employer liability insurance, or a business rates letter.

Take note of your ​final meter reading once you've moved out, or when your lease agreement ends (when you're no longer responsible)

You may be asked to verify the change of responsibility with documentation such as a valid Land Registration, tenancy agreement, management agreement or solicitors letter.

If your EDF business account is in credit when you move out of your premises

You may find that your EDF account is in credit as you've consumed less business energy than we've estimated once billed. You can simply request any credit owned back in a few steps.

Submit your meter reading in seconds, anytime

As long as you have your account number and postcode, you can submit your meter reading.

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Installing a new meter

If you want to install a new electricity meter at a newly built premise, please contact our Developer Services team between 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday at 0333 200 5117(1)

Did you know we offer three meter types? Read our quick guide to meters to make sure you choose the right one for your business, potentially saving you money.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to arrange the installation of a new business gas meter.