We're here to help you keep your home warm and cosy!

We're on a mission to help customers reduce their reliance on gas and make the switch to electric heating.

Homes across the UK are the most inefficient in Europe. Out of the existing 29 million homes in the UK, only eight million homes in the UK meet the highest energy standards. 

We're here to help you make that change!

Air Source Heat Pump installer fitting in a Daikin high temperature heat pump

Reduce your carbon emissions with an air source heat pump

Now's the time to join others and upgrade your heating system to help reduce your carbon footprint.

You're likely to be eligible for a government grant to help with air source heat pump costs (up to £5,000 in England and Wales or up to £7,500 or £9,000 in Scotland). 

Get an air source heat pump

Home insulation infographic showing where heat escapes from a house. Can't see the image? Read what it says: https://www.edfenergy.com/sites/default/files/insulation_homepage_illustration.pdf

Insulate your home - Act now to save money

Waste less energy and save on heating - prices from £800 professionally installed

Why spend money heating your home for it to escape outside? That's what you could be doing if your home isn't properly insulated.

Adding insulation to your loft, walls and floor can save you up to £995 per year(1), wasting less energy and lowering your home's carbon emissions.

The future of heating is electric

We can help you replace your existing electric heating system with a more energy-efficient solution. Want to upgrade completely and invest in a zero carbon system that will keep you warm and save the planet? We can help you with the most suitable option!

Don't waste heat! Upgrade your electric heating to a more energy efficient solution

Electric heater designs have come a long way. New models of storage heaters and electric radiators include energy efficiency features such as

  • Smart controls help you only heat the rooms you want
  • A highly accurate thermostat, 7 day times for 24-hour control
  • Energy-saving technologies such as 'open window detection' and 'adaptive start'

Gas boiler heating solutions

Need a new boiler? We've teamed up with BOXT to get you a new one quickly. And you get £50 off!

50% off for the first 3 months

Woman scrolling on phone whilst on sofa, 50% off BoilerCare promo ribbon in corner

Keep your boiler happy and healthy

We've got a range of boiler protection products from Domestic & General to keep your boiler running smoothly. We're now offering 50% off for the first 3 months.(2)  With prices starting from as little as £5.20 a month.(3)

Boiler problems? Get your boiler up and running again with our boiler repair services


Don't hang around in the cold. Replace your boiler the next day(4)

Our replacement boilers include

  • New boiler installation, parts, labour and VAT
  • Monthly payment options including 0% deposit available
  • Up to 10-year warranty
  • Includes wireless room thermostat, flue, filter and everything else you need


Heating and energy-saving advice