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Power Purchase Agreements

Talk to us about selling your electricity and renewable energy certificates. We are a UK market leader in PPAs, helping Britain achieve Net Zero. 


Renewable energy

Choose the right PPA

No matter how you generate electricity, we have the right PPA for you. 

Whether from wind, solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, sewage gas, energy from waste, advanced conversion technology, CHP, or offshore – you’ll find an agreement with us. 


We offer a range of PPAs for renewable generation over 1GWh per year, see the range of products below. 


Certainty PPA

Certainty (fixed) PPA

Fix your power price for up to three years

  • Ideal for generators who have a high level of control over their output and want price certainty
  • Requires a minimum output of 1GWh per year
PPA Flex

Flex PPA

Full control over when you sell your tradable volume

  • Ideal for experienced generators 
  • Requires a minimum output of 40GWh per year
Clarity PPA

Clarity (index) PPA

Track the market price 

  • Ideal for generators that want to maximise their output but retain flexibility
  • Requires a minimum output of 1GWh per year


Choice PPA

Choice (index to fixed) PPA

Track the market and fix when you want to 

  • Ideal for generators with a variable output who want less exposure to wholesale market prices
  • Requires a minimum output of 5GWh per year.


Long term PPAs

We have a PPA team dedicated to long term PPAs and CPPAs, offering bespoke deals. 

Contract for Difference (CFD)

We offer long term PPA contracts for generators who have secured a Contract for Difference (CFD).

Renewable energy - wind turbines

Corporate PPAs (CPPA)

We have worked with a wide range of corporate businesses and can match your project with our large business customer portfolio. Read more about CPPAs here

Long term merchant PPA

We can offer a route to market for merchant PPAs for assets without any government subsidy.

Solar and battery assets at the Clayhill solar farm.

Battery Optimisation PPA

We are a leading optimiser of flexible generation across the UK for storage developers and investors, offering full market access to asset owners with enhanced services.

Not sure which PPA suits your business?

Don’t worry – simply, fill out our quick form and we’ll be in touch shortly to match you with the best PPA. 

Find the right PPA

If you're generating under 1GWh please contact our Smart Export Guarantee Team directly at
If you need a Feed in Tariff please contact our Feed in Tariff team directly at

Contract Management

Our PPA Contract Management teams are here to help you with any questions you may have about your contract or payments and to ensure you can easily access all the information you need.

Find out more about our contract management

Renewable Certificates

There are two types of renewable energy certificates: ROCs and REGOs. Read our overview of regulations and incentives for renewable electricity generation so you’re always in the know. 

Find out about ROCs and REGOs

Case studies and news

Read about some real business examples of PPAs and CPPAs

Offshore wind farm EDF

EDF has signed a fifteen-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with RWE to purchase renewable electricity from Sofia, which will be one of the largest single offshore wind farms in the world.

EDF has worked with Tesco and their advisors to deliver a corporate PPA structure which supports the delivery of new renewable generation projects.

Edrington casks

This partnership showcases how EDF worked with Community Windpower and matched them to Edrington, who wanted the certainty of knowing the exact source of their energy for the distilleries.

How to sell your energy with a PPA

How you sell your power to get the best return depends on the following:

  • How consistently you’re generating power
  • How much power you’re generating
  • How many installations you operate
  • How your projects are financed
  • What your investors’ expectations are
  • How much experience and resource you have to spend managing your power sales
  • How you anticipate the market will perform
  • Get in touch and we'll help you figure out the best way to sell your power.